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"How is it that the Left can believe absolute crazy shit, like the Bush-Saudi Arabian money connection, or the even worse and totally false Bush-bin Laden connection (based on 100% lies) and look at you straight and say there was absolutely no way that Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda had ties?"
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Ann Coulter Nude Pics
04.02.04 (12:51 pm)   [edit]
That's right, get em right here. Nowhere else on the web can you get these rare pictures, well I guess you can't get em here either. No, I don't really have any, but if I repeat the phrase tons of times, I bet ya it'll bring me more traffic. It brought you here, and it better bring some people off google.

I got it from this guy's blog.

If only there were more hot politicians...

Ann Coulter nude pics
Ann Coulter nude pics
Ann Coulter nude pics

While I'm at it, why don't I add some other famous politicians, of course, the traffic these bring in won't be people I want commenting on my blog.

John Kerry nude pics
John Kerry nude pics
Ted Kennedy nude pics
Ted Kennedy nude pics
Richard Clarke nude pics
Richard Clarke nude pics
Karl Rove nude pics
Karl Rove nude pics
Ed Gillespie nude pics
Ed Gillespie nude pics

Lets see what female politicians come to mind off the top of my head...

Condoleeza Rice nude pics
Condoleeza Rice nude pics
Hillary Clinton nude pics
Hillary Clinton nude pics

And yes, I'll even go as far as

Madeleine Albright nude pics
Madeleine Albright nude pics

Now we wait...


posted by: jbrookins (reply)
post date: 04.02.04 (12:57 pm)

Thats just mean.

posted by: RedTigress (reply)
post date: 04.02.04 (1:02 pm)

LOL! Why would anyone want to see Little Coulter Annie nude? That brings shivers of yuk down my spine :p

She can write, ok. But pose nekkid? No thanks!

posted by: RedTigress (reply)
post date: 04.02.04 (1:02 pm)

Reply to: RedTigress

Or the rest of those ppl, for that matter... yuk!

posted by: Bill Dennis (reply)
post date: 04.03.04 (12:09 am)


I wrote that post in October of 2002.

There is no way you foudn it by casually browsing my site.

You HAD to have found it while searching for nude pics of Ann Coulter.

Shall I mention the inadvisability of tossing stones while living in a glass house ... hmmm?

Thanks for the link, though.

posted by: Defensor (reply)
post date: 04.03.04 (9:47 am)

Reply to: Bill
Whoa, for one, I don't know how you found this site, it doesn't seem to be working. And two, I was pretty bored, and looking at my paper, I saw Belinda Stronach, a hot canadian politician, so I thought I'd see how lucrative the political porn business was, there was nothing on her, and you can guess my next search, which is where your blog comes in. So yes, that is how I found your site.

posted by: Peoria Pundit (reply)
post date: 04.03.04 (11:37 pm)

Reply to: Defensor
I found your site in my referal logs. and the site seems to be workign fine and I like what I see. I've never heard of tBlog before. I like the layout and ease of use.

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